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Friends cut done

I did my friends cut. Went from 86 to 71. If you were deleted but want to be re-added then let me know. I only cut people that had multiple journals (cut the dead journals) or haven't updated since 2008 or something. All of you people who commented on my last entry weren't even thought of for being cut! I cut people that I had to click on their username and read through old entries to see who they were. Hell, half of them I still couldn't figure out who they were. Hard to tell when they haven't updated since 2006. I don't care if you comment on my entries or not. I know how busy we all are. If you're on FB or if I know that you're still somewhat around then you're staying.

Friends cut

I'm cutting dead journals. If I cut you but you still read, please feel free to add me back. I just have so many journals and some of then haven't updated since 2009 or something. I do have a few that rarely update, but I know they are still around, so I will obviously be keeping you if I know you still exist and read from time to time. This isn't a post asking people to comment if they want to be kept.


I'm planning on posting some pictures at some point today, but even after I resized them in Photobucket they are STILL huge. Guess I'm going to have to try to remember my old Flickr account login.

In the mean time, please give me some links or recipes. I need to go grocery shopping Wednesday and need MEALS because I am tired and so over macaroni and cheese or cereal for dinner.
I removed about 15 journals from my friend's list. I felt like most of them were dead journals or haven't been updated in over a year, so I removed them. If you were someone who read then please add me back. I didn't remove anyone because I didn't like them.


we had amelia claire last night, 11/25 @ 8:31pm. 6lb 12oz, 20inches long. labor began at 4am that morning. ill post more when i have my laptop. everyone is doing great:)


interview of my sister with Zero Gossip...
(Carmen Fulford, scroll down just a tad - she's the third article thingy)
Check it out :)

have i posted this here yet?

this is my sister, painting (sped up), radiohead is the music you're hearing.




want to read = add


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